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You may be a seasoned and highly organised home mover, familiar with the challenges of relocating your family and all their possessions around the world every few years. Perhaps you have spent decades assembling a large home filled with prized possessions and precious memories, and now feel one more relocation is required to ensure a comfortable retirement?

Cadogan Tate has been helping individuals and families move home locally, around the UK and internationally, for more than 40 years. Over 90% of our home moving assignments come from repeat business and recommendations.

It’s not simply that we have in place all of the expertise and resources required to help you pack up, remove your possessions from your current home, transport them and store them as necessary and then help you unpack them into your new home.

We know and understand the experience, and how stressful it can be; and we do everything that can possibly be done to make your move easy for you.

Your move, our passion.

Move Management

A smooth and trouble free home move is dependent largely on the quality of the advance planning that goes into it. Despite our decades of experience in moving customers around the world, we take nothing at all for granted, planning both physical move and the accompanying administration down to the last detail.

Your move begins with a pre-move survey carried out by one of our experienced home move Surveyors. Friendly and helpful, our Surveyors have worked on some of the world’s most complicated residential moves. They review the contents of your home and listen carefully to your needs and concerns, taking detailed notes about your required timings and particularly important or fragile items. They will then advise on packing and unpacking options. 

Once the Surveyor has understood your requirements in detail, they will prepare a detailed Move Plan and brief this back to your personal Move Co-Ordinator. The Move Plans cover every aspect and every item involved in your move, including;

  • Organising your packing, unpacking and storage.
  • Arranging parking permits for our trucks.
  • Organising the crew, trucks, materials and equipment needed.
  • Making specialist crates for items such as chandeliers and sculptures.
  • Providing an external hoist to lift, for example, a baby grand piano to a seventh floor apartment.

If specialist experts are called for, for example to remove and pack chandeliers or supervise the taking down,  transportation and rehanging of valuable paintings, your Move Co-Ordinator  will enlist the appropriate Cadogan Tate specialists.

On the day of the move itself, all of this planning pays dividends. The crew arrives on time, fully briefed, and packs swiftly and skilfully. You will find them considerate and professional at all times.

Our Move Co-Ordinators have unsurpassed experience in helping customers through the most complicated of moves. Yours will help and advise throughout, ensuring at our end that you are assigned the most appropriate crews and vehicles and that precisely the required packing materials are available as necessary. 

We audit customers’ moves regularly, as part of our commitment to the various ISO standards we hold, to ensure that the quality of both the planning and the ensuing move never falters.

Order our free Guide to Moving

To help you plan your move, we've distilled over 40 years experience and knowledge of moving customers' belongings into our essential Cadogan Tate Guide to Moving. Please contact us to arrange your free copy. 

Handled with Care

Cadogan Tate’s characteristic attention to detail ensures the safe packing and transportation of your possessions.

Packing & Unpacking

We do not entrust the packing or unpacking of your possessions to just anyone.

Our moving and storage teams are all thoroughly trained at our dedicated training centre, learning best practices that we have refined over 40 years of home moves.

Although we pack quickly and efficiently, we take great care and pay consummate attention to detail throughout.

We know that the things that are personally important to you may not always be the most valuable items, and so you can trust us to pack and move everything from your state-of-the-art sound system, antique furniture and glassware and fragile china to your well worn but well-loved teddy bear.

We offer a range of professional packing and unpacking options, in which you should be able to find one that suits both your needs and your budget. 

  • Full unpack and put away service - This provides the highest level of service. You work out in advance where the contents of every box or item will go in your new home and label it precisely. Our team will unpack and will make sure that everything is in its proper place. We also carry out furniture and bed reassembly and placement.
  • Full unpack onto surfaces - We unpack everything that we have packed, and place it onto flat surfaces. Kitchen items will be put onto kitchen surfaces; china onto the dining room table; bedding and clothing onto beds; and hanging clothes into wardrobes.
  • Limited unpack - With this option, we unpack only your fragile items, placing these on flat surfaces.
  • Self unpack – Here, you take full responsibility for unpacking all items.

If none of these standard options fully meets your requirements, we will be pleased to tailor a suitable unpack for you.

Specialist moves

Specialist Moves

As Cadogan Tate offer a truly comprehensive moving service, Cadogan Tate offers a wide variety of specialist services which might otherwise prove difficult to arrange.

  • Special Preparation - Items such as pianos, safes, clocks, shoe collections and boxes will be prepared for transport by our professionally trained staff.
  • Specialist Packing – However unconventional your packing needs, we can meet them. For instance, we can provide made-to-measure cases for mirrors, giant lampshade boxes, cartons of various shapes and sizes, acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, paper blankets, picture card and furni-guard. Fragile items and valuables will be carefully wrapped and packed. We use high quality packing materials and employ special packing techniques for each item. If you have more particular special needs, just let us know.
  • Fully Managed Move - With a fully managed move, we deal with absolutely everything for you. This includes packing, unpacking, storage and any specialist requirements you might have. You can leave your old home the day before your move, go off and relax in the knowledge that the move will be handled professionally, smoothly and quickly, and return to your new home to find everything moved, placed in correctly, unpacked and ready for you.
  • Time-sensitive move – If you have a very specific, time sensitive removals requirement, your Move Manager can ensure that all resources required to deliver against your needs are in place and ready to go at precisely the right moment.
  • On the Day services - We can provide removals services as part of the arrangements for a specific event. For example, a wedding reception or party at your home might require valuable items and furniture be removed and stored for a short period. This service has also been called upon to deliver and install large items as surprise gifts at an exact time and place on a specific day.
  • Difficult Access - Difficult access is a common problem with many moves. We adopt various strategies to overcome this issue, including the use of smaller vehicles; a range of specialist lifting equipment; and even, where necessary, dismantling any obstructions (having, of course, first obtained the required permissions).
  • Fine Art, Antiques and Art Installations – This kind of installation requires expertise and great care in both planning and execution. Due to the experience of our specialist Art Services division, Cadogan Tate enjoys an enviable reputation for specialised knowledge in this area, even amongst removal companies. Over the years, we have moved countless works of art, antiques and sculptures, in all shapes and sizes. Our services include bespoke packing, custom crating, rigging, art installation and picture hanging. 
  • Highly Confidential Moves – We understand that your circumstances or identity may mean that your move must remain completely confidential. We are extremely experienced in this area, having moved royal families, film and rock stars, celebrities, politicians and VIP's. We have also carried out high-level institutional, security and market sensitive moves for government, law enforcement agencies and the defence and financial industries. All of our staff have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) cleared and are bound by Cadogan Tate’s Confidentiality Agreement when they join us.


With our reputation for providing a wealth of removals services, we are regularly asked to move large items requiring the use of a crane and platform. We can arrange a platform, external lift and hoist, and additional lifting equipment where required. We will also organise the closure or partial closure of the road with the appropriate authorities (wherever feasible).

Piano Moving

We are highly experienced in moving large and awkwardly shaped items of all kinds, and have a wealth of experience in moving grand pianos, including many fine and vintage instruments. Our professional moving teams have been trained in the specialist techniques required for packing and handling pianos. We will organise any suitable lifting equipment required and, if necessary, can even arrange for the dismantling and reinstatement of obstructions to enable an instrument to be moved. 

Affiliations & Accreditations

A host of leading industry organisations has approved Cadogan Tate's operations and storage facilities.

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