Business Moves

Cadogan Tate is one of the UK’s leading business removals, storage and relocation companies. We enjoy an outstanding reputation for delivering efficiently planned and executed relocation projects on time and within budget. This has been gained working with some of the world’s best-known and most demanding businesses and institutions.

Each business relocation is different, with its own commercial and logistical considerations. Whether you're moving your head office, a single department or your entire organisation, or have a highly specialised need unique to the nature of your organisation, we are able to offer a suitably tailored service, expertly delivered by experienced professionals.

We offer full business move Consultancy and Project Management, in addition to turnkey business move solutions, and have the resource to manage every element of your move for you. 

Office Removals

Whether you’re moving a one man office or relocating an organisation with thousands of employees, Cadogan Tate Business Removals offers all the planning, packing, removal, storage and installation services you need. We also offer expert business moving consultancy and full business moving project management, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations however complex your move. 

Commercial Removals

Working with some of the world’s most demanding organisations, businesses and institutions, we’ve established a reputation for efficiently planned and immaculately executed commercial relocation projects. If you need to move a hospital, library, university or school, warehouse or industrial unit, however complex the move might appear, Cadogan Tate can make it happen.

Handled with care

Offices. Commercial premises. Public buildings. Cadogan Tate has the experience, expertise and resources to move you, perfectly.

Specialist Services

Moving many kinds of businesses or institutions calls for specialist expertise and skills outside of the scope of even good quality removals companies.

Cadogan Tate Business Removals offer a wide range of appropriate services. We have the expertise to deal with the specific requirements of academic and research bodies; archives and libraries; medical and laboratory facilities; museums and collections; and other organisations needing expert care over handling, packing, angle of transportation, temperature of transportation and a host of other variables.

Regardless of their size or location, items requiring bespoke care in transit are prepared for transport by our professionally trained staff working with our Business Removals team. Fragile, delicate or valuable objects, equipment or other items are individually wrapped and packed using high quality materials, special packing techniques and, where required, bespoke cases and crates built to ensure correct and safe transit.  

Specialist Packing - We can provide for the packing requirements of your business move, whatever these might be. We will supply made-to-measure cases for delicate items of equipment or fragile collection items, along with all the stock or bespoke boxes and cartons required (in almost any shape or size), and all the interior wrappings and paddings needed such as acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, paper blankets and furni-guard. If anything more exceptional is required (refrigeration, containers for hazardous materials, bespoke tubes or covers, for example) we will arrange these as well.

Fully Managed Moves - We take care of every aspect of your move on your behalf, undertaking all pre-move planning and staff briefings and liaison with your other contractors to ensure works do not interrupt building fit-outs. We are able to advise on the space planning of your new offices if you would like us to, and to manage labelling systems to ensure the efficiency of the move. We’ll even carry out the clearance of your old premises, arranging recycling of all discarded items. 

Time-sensitive Move - If you have a very specific, time-sensitive removals requirement, your Move Manager can ensure that all resources required to complete the move against this schedule are in place and ready to go at precisely the right moment. 

On the Day Services - We can provide removals services as part of the arrangements for a specific event. For example, trade shows and exhibitions, for which items and furniture might need to be delivered early morning and collected late evening at precise times.

Difficult Access - Difficult access is a common problem in many moves. We adopt various strategies to overcome this issue, including the use of smaller vehicles; a range of specialist lifting equipment; and even, where necessary, dismantling any obstructions (having, of course, first obtained the required permissions).

Fine Art, Antiques and Art Installations - This kind of installation requires expertise and great care in both planning and execution. Due to the experience of our specialist Art Services division, Cadogan Tate enjoys an enviable reputation for our knowledge in this area, even amongst removal companies. Over the years, we have moved countless works of art, antiques and sculptures, in all shapes and sizes. Our services include bespoke packing, custom crating, rigging, art installation and picture hanging.

Highly Confidential Moves - We understand that the nature of your business, sensitivity of your client list, M&A confidentiality or commercial relationships may mean that your move must remain completely confidential. We are extremely experienced in this area, having carried out high-level institutional, security and market sensitive moves for government, law enforcement agencies and the defence and financial industries. All of our staff have been CRB cleared and are bound by Cadogan Tate’s Confidentiality Agreement when they join us.

Move Management

Move Management

While we would be pleased to manage your business move from start to finish, we are equally experienced in working alongside an in-house Facilities Management team. In either case, our aim is to ensure that even the most complex business relocation is completed on-time, on budget and trouble-free. 

Furniture Installation

We provide a comprehensive office furniture installation solution for your relocation. Whether you require the fitting of newly purchased furniture, or the removal and installation of existing desks and content, our qualified fitters can deal with moves of any size.

IT Relocation Service

Our expert Business Moving ICT team provides a full IT and server relocation solution. One of our IT Managers is assigned to your project team from the outset, working with your in-house IT manager to make a detailed appraisal of your moving requirements. We will then undertake as much or as little of the move as you require. From the straightforward relocation of desktop computers to the full relocation of secure Data Centres, we have the experience and resources to move your hardware safely and reliably.

Crate Hire

Cadogan Tate provides crates for use in your move through the UK’s leading supplier. We look after the management of the crates, liaising directly with the crate supplier and working carefully on site to minimise the risk of losses and run-on hire.

Environmental Credentials

Pioneering Green Technology

Protecting the natural environment and the neighbourhoods in which our businesses operate is a responsibility and obligation for companies of any size.

Packing, moving and storing the contents of your business or commercial premises can impact significantly on the environment. As a responsible company we take a proactive approach to reducing this impact and strive to make continuous improvements in our performance, offering a service that is genuinely environmentally responsible.

Our packing materials and cartons are made from recycled and recyclable wood pulp, derived from sustainable forests. Our wooden storage containers and packing cases are made from timber sourced from certified sustainable forests, complying with stringent international standards. We are currently working on an entire range of re-usable packing cases and liners.

Our vehicle fleet is low-noise and low-emission. Most vehicles have particulate traps or Euro 5 or 6 engines, almost totally eliminating harmful particulates, which contribute to childhood asthma and heart attacks in the aged.

We use low-sulphur diesel, which reduces our contribution to acid rain, and all our vehicles operating in London comply with the Low Emission Zone regulations. We are gradually switching our smaller vans from diesel to electric, clean burn LPG or Euro 6 diesel/electric hybrid. We also own and operate the only fully electric 12.5 tonne removals truck in the world.

All Cadogan Tate buildings are energy efficient, and none of our office technology remains on standby when not being used. Even the paper on which we present your invoices is recycled.

To encourage you to choose environmentally friendly pre-used packing cartons, we offer discounted prices for doing so.

Our commitment to the environment is also underwritten by the achievement of ISO 14001. As holders of this and other ISO, European and British quality and service standards, companies within the Cadogan Tate Group are regularly monitored and audited in their progress towards fulfilling our environmental objectives. 

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