Case Studies

Cadogan Tate is proud to work with the world’s leading interior designers, auction houses, galleries and museums.  We are very pleased to present the following video profiles featuring just a few of the amazing clients we work with on a daily basis.  Be sure to check back here regularly for the most up-to-date profiles.

Susan Orsini

Susan Orsini is one of the most prestigious and in-demand interior designers in the world.  Susan was kind enough to sit with us and share some of her thoughts and reminiscences about her ongoing work with Cadogan Tate–a relationship that has lasted more than twenty years.


New York Academy of Art

Since 1982, the New York Academy of Art has provided budding artists with the technical training necessary to hone their natural skills and realize their creative visions.  The result has been a list of prominent graduates praised for their imaginative, vital works.


Nahmad Contemporary

Roy Nachum. Albert Oehlen. Wade Guyton. These are just a few of the esteemed artists who have had exhibits at Nahmad Contemporary. Registrar Sarah McHugh spent some time with us detailing the relationship between Nahmad Contemporary and Cadogan Tate.


Heritage Auctions

Established in 1976, Heritage Auctions is the largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world, offering a vast range of coins, art, memorabilia and more.


Art Domantay

Art Domantay works behind the scenes to fabricate, build and install artwork of every conceivable scope and scale; he’s responsible for realizing projects that are too big or ambitious for artists to install on their own.


Amy Snyder

After more than a decade of working for some of New York City’s leading auction houses and galleries, Amy Snyder decided to launch her own art advisory practice in 2013.  We hope you enjoy hearing from Amy in this profile, including her Cadogan Tate Thanksgiving story!


Knight Frank

Knight Frank is renowned for unerring guidance on crucial property investment decisions. Their reputation as one of the world’s leading real estate consultancies has sustained them for an astonishing 125 years (that’s known as a “quasquicentennial” in case you were wondering!) Pam White­—a Move Consultant with Knight Frank—sat down with us to recall how she started working with Cadogan Tate and why the partnership has been such a resounding success.


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