Moving to London - Choosing the Right Removals Company

04th March 2020
Moving to London - Choosing the Right Removals Company

Planning a house move always requires meticulous planning and organisation. Even if you have moved home many times before, there will invariably be something that you will forget or not give the required amount of attention to. Therefore, it is vital to enlist the services of an expert removals company for a smooth experience.

In this article we will look at everything that you should expect of a good removals company when moving to or within London.

Conducting a survey for a house move

It is not enough to plan a house move based purely on the number of bedrooms and/or the number of people living at the property. A good removals company will do a detailed survey (in-person), take measurements of furniture and make a note of delicate items and pieces that will require specialist equipment, for example, a grand piano or a sculpture.

This survey will also provide an accurate picture of the task at hand so the move coordinator can plan how many vans or trucks are required, and how much packaging material to bring on the day.

It is also in this planning stage that all the logistics of moving to London will need to be carefully considered, such as parking permits, vehicle loading access to the property and if going up or down stairs will be involved. When moving to London it is important to keep in mind that on-road parking and access to apartment buildings can be limited.

At Cadogan Tate we prefer to meet our customers face-to-face to discuss their requirements, however we also understand that sometimes taking an hour out of your day isn’t possible. If time is of the essence, our video survey service could be ideal for you. The video survey allows us to collect the information we need to begin planning your move in a more time efficient manner, at a time that suits you best. A video survey also has the added benefit of reducing the risk of transmitting contagious diseases such as Coronavirus (Covid 19). Click here to enquire about booking your video survey today.

Will you require a packing and unpacking service?

Most reputable removals companies bring their own packing boxes on moving day, usually included in their quote price. From TV to pieces of art; from crockery to pieces of furniture, packing items prior to moving is not a “one method suits all” task. The right removals company will know the most efficient and effective way to pack every item in your home. There are few removals companies that will offer the creation of bespoke containers and crates for specialist or unusually shaped items.

When you are looking for a removals company, you should not be afraid of asking questions to ensure that they will take absolute care of everything they move. So, make sure you ask how they would approach packing the potentially challenging items. An important point to consider is that some home insurance companies will not insure your items for a move if you pack them yourself, only if they are packed professionally (more on insurance, below).

Specialist storage in London

If you don’t want to move everything to your new home straight away or you are moving to a slightly smaller house, you should find a removals company that has storage facilities to suit your requirements.

Much like how we mentioned that each item will require different packaging, many items will have a bespoke set of requirements for storage.

Would your removals company know how to pack and store a Stradivarius violin? Family photograph albums that go back generations? A priceless wine collection? Perhaps you have a beautiful dining room table and chair set that won’t fit in your new London home but you do not want to part ways with it. A reputable removals company with storage facilities will be able to look after that for you.

It’s all in the detail

There are lots of little things that a removals company can do, and should do, that will make a big difference. For example, using floor protection matting when loading in and out of your home, wearing gloves when handling delicate items and using acid-free tissue paper in packaging.

A reputable company will also keep your move entirely confidential with the same level of legal diligence as your solicitor. Whether you are a government official, corporate CEO, celebrity or you have a pending private matter that has impacted your decision to move you should make sure that the removals company you choose will look after you as carefully as it looks after your belongings.

Everything handled with care

If you choose Cadogan Tate to help with your move, know that we have been moving people all over the country and all over the world for over 40 years. Our UK office and our state-of-the-art storage facility is ideally situated in London, equipped with intruder alarms, fire protection systems, movement detection and a temperature-controlled environment.

To get a quick quote from a member of the specialist removals team, click here.

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