Our heroes wear blue gowns

16th July 2020
Our heroes wear blue gowns

The Covid-19 pandemic has torn apart families, businesses and individuals alike causing a wave of disruption that has affected the world as a whole. Until we need them most, it’s easy to forget the glue that bonds us all together when times are tough. They give us hope, support and care when all those around us are feeling powerless

Over 4 million nurses in the US have been at the forefront of this pandemic, working around the clock, sacrificing their regular schedules and risking their lives on a daily basis to keep our country's residents safe. The American Nurses Foundation are the ones who give hope, support and care to our nurses when even they feel powerless. So we wanted to give a little back to them.

To pay tribute to our heroes in blue gowns, we started with what we know best - art and design. We have collaborated with Heritage Auctions to create “The Heart of Art and Design” - a charity auction benefiting the American Nurses Foundation - our goal is to raise $50,000.

The auction opens for bidding on August 31st and is open until September 14th. You can find more information here.

How you can help

If art is your passion, you can donate a piece directly to the auction. Click here to get in contact to donate a piece of art.

You can donate directly to the American Nurses Foundation and help us reach our fundraising goal.

You can also purchase one of the pieces of art at the “The Heart of Art and Design” charity auction which begins on August 31st 2020.

“We are grateful Cadogan Tate and Heritage Auctions selected the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund as the recipient for The Heart of Art and Design charity auction. Donations from the auction will help the Foundation support critical areas where nurses need immediate and ongoing support like mental well-being, direct financial assistance and national advocacy.”

Kate Judge, executive director, American Nurses Foundation

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Comments from our heroes

It’s hard to imagine the true extent of what our nurses have experienced during this pandemic, so here are some comments directly from those on the frontline.

“During the pandemic, I was out of work for a month. The COVID-19 grant supported by the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund, gave me peace of mind as it helped me get caught up with household expenses.”

Ramona W., PRN

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“I truly had no clue, when coming to New Orleans to care for my parents who were both diagnosed with COVID, that I would still be here three months later. Financially, the COVID-19 grant from the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund eased a bit of my struggles.”

Michelle H., RN

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“It’s extremely stressful to deal with caring for these patients day in and day out, and then come home to continue isolating, thinking about what the next day at work will bring.”

Emily B., RN, BSN

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“We all have our day of heart break. We all have our days of celebrating 1000+ discharges. Moments like these will live with me forever”

Renee R., RN

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“We are witness to so many lost lives, impossible decisions and a vast unknown. But, we are empowered by the fact that our gloved hands will save a life, our masked faces will provide comfort, our words will make the hardest decisions a little easier.”

Lauren S., RN

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“I am very proud to be on the front line because it displays and validates nurses’ dedication, resilience, and commitment to helping the sick and vulnerable by any means necessary, even if it means risking our own lives.”

Nadeen R., RN

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“It is scary…the sense of anxiety is constant because I worry about bringing something home to my 4 and 13-year-old children.”

Sekelaga M., RN

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