Expats vote on main issues when it comes to moving overseas

14th May 2012

A survey conducted by Expat Forum on behalf of Barclays International Banking, has uncovered the main issues to think about for those moving overseas.

The results will no doubt be of particular interest to those moving to the USA with American expats in particular voting in the online poll.

The survey revealed that the main thing to remember when it comes to international moving is the cost of living.

The cost of living in America was listed as the primary factor to bear in mind for movers with 26.88 per cent of participants voting this as their number one priority. This feeling is believed to be put down to the wide socioeconomic diversity within the United States.

In second place came the need to avoid being lonely in a new country, with 25.81 per cent stating that this was their main fear. However, as a real a problem as this may be, much of the time this can simply be short-term.

The difference in healthcare systems was put as the main thing to keep in mind by just less than a fifth of voters (19.35 per cent). This is because it remains a major issue for the country at large and is something of a political 'hot potato'.

Following on from these considerations came cultural differences, relationship strain and other issues such as paperwork.

However, the Forum also stuck by the motto that a move to America was likely to prove worthwhile in the end, claiming "it would be wrong to suggest that America does not offer the potential for riches and a significantly increased standard of living."

It concluded: "Those looking to move to America will need to do more digging and more research than you would for many other countries because the depth of information available is absolutely enormous."

While there are obviously many things to think about, moving overseas can still offer plenty for people and their families, especially in the States.

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