5 important questions to ask your international moving company

08th October 2019
5 important questions to ask your international moving company

Moving to a new house within your home country can be a stressful experience, but there’s so much more room for error and many more issues to consider when your precious possessions and even pets will be crossing oceans and borders for an international relocation.

When you’re not just changing postcodes but countries, it’s essential that you find a specialist international moving company that you can trust to carry your cargo over long distances. Your mover should be widely experienced with this type of relocation, understanding the issues that might cause long hold-ups, stressful disruptions or even total disasters.

When selecting the right moving company for your international move, there are a few important questions you should ask to ensure that your shipment is in safe hands. A good mover will save you money, time and endless headaches, so take the time to cover the following points before making your choice and you’ll be in for a relatively hassle-free relocation.

Can you provide basic information about your service?

Can you give me an estimated transit time? Will I need to be present in my destination country (or have already moved) before my shipment can be accepted through customs, or can this be done in my absence? What is included in my quote?

Making a list of the basic information you need to decide on which company to use for your relocation will ensure that you know what to expect, what you’re paying for and how best to help your international move run smoothly.

Simple initial questions for a mover might include:

  • How much will you charge me and what will this price include?
  • Will I need to pay a deposit and is this refundable should my move be called off?
  • Will you move my belongings only from port to port or can you arrange for my shipment to go from my old to new home?
  • Does your price include packaging materials and a packing service, or will I need to organise these for myself?
  • How will my shipment be carried? • How long should I expect my goods to be in transit?
  • What level of insurance cover do you provide?
  • How do you protect valuable or breakable items?

If a potential mover can cover the basics in a satisfactory way, it’s time to move on to more complex questions.

What paperwork and red tape do I need to think about?

Your international moving company should be able to tell you what documentation you will need to complete in order to move to your destination country. Some movers will even help you to fill this out, saving you both time and potential headaches. It’s important to ask if there are any customs restrictions to be considered, as failure to comply with these may result in long delays, fines or even having your shipment detained indefinitely.

Some countries prohibit certain items from crossing their borders, and your moving company should be able to provide you with a list of these so that you can avoid packing them in your shipment.

Who do you partner with in my destination country?

Most companies work with a partner moving company in your destination location who will take over the handling of your shipment once it crosses their border.

Make sure you know who that company is, that you have their contact details and that you know what their plan is for getting your belongings to your new address once they receive them.

It’s also important to ask if both your UK and overseas moving partners are registered with a recognised international trade body so that you can be confident they’ll adhere to international industry standards during your relocation.

What will I need to do prior to the date of my move?

Most reputable international moving companies will be able to offer you some assistance in compiling a list of essential tasks to complete before your move. They may also be able to offer you advice and information on packaging materials, how best to protect different types of item and can give you hints and tips like remembering in advance to defrost your freezer.

Some moving companies will also be able to help you with other aspects of your move, such as providing recommendations for tradespeople who can help you safely disconnect white goods or companies that specialise in shipping pets, if this isn’t a service they can offer themselves.

This kind of comprehensive support may be invaluable as you plan all aspects of your relocation.

Are you aware of anything that might disrupt my move?

A well-versed international removals company should know about any festivals, sporting events or national holidays in your destination country that might mean delays or disruptions to your move. In these cases, they may recommend that you delay or push forward your moving date to accommodate these.

A reputable international moving company should take the time to answer all your questions, providing the detailed information that you need to make an informed decision about who best to trust with your belongings during your move.

You may wish to speak with several different movers before making a final decision – remember to use your gut instinct along with taking the answers to your questions into account. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, you’ll be a step nearer to your new life in a foreign land.

Cadogan Tate has the experience in international removals to make your relocation simple and stress free. Simply get in touch for a free quote.

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