Fred Boyle, London

Fred Boyle, London


About me

“My work is a colourful replication to make sense of the perpetual conflict between the conscious and the unconscious, with fleeting moments of humour to soften the 'real'. Each work is a continual process reflected in the intelligible painting practice, to reveal the discovery and purpose as a performative element of the work.”

Education: BA Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton


My artwork

“A Different Thyme and Place”

"Was a digital still life, painted on my iPad, playing with puns and pescado."

Digital file free to whoever wants it.


Rizzo the rat

Oil on canvas - 34 x 44 cm

>p>"I like motifs, and comical stand ins. I thought a modernist portrait of Rizzo the Rat would be mildly entertaining."


All proceeds are being donated to "The Grenfell Foundation" and "BlackThrive"


Paul Frank (Fashion Monkey)

Oil on canvas - 34 x 44 cm


(all proceeds go toward a better cause)


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