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Expat’s guide to cost of living in Miami

11th April 2019
Expat’s guide to cost of living in Miami

With its coveted warm climate, laid-back lifestyle and diverse culture, there is more to Miami than its beautiful sandy beaches.

Miami is one of the most popular cities in Florida and has a large Latino community with Cuban-Americans comprising more than half of its population. The city is also becoming a popular destination with expats, with almost 6,800 Brits residing or doing business in Miami-Dade.

Where to live in Miami

If you are a young professional moving to Miami, wanting to get the most out of the bustling city, then the city’s urban neighbourhoods Wynwood, Downtown, Brickell, and Midtown are good options to consider.

From fancy restaurants to trendy bars, cosy apartments and newly developed offices, there is a reason why Miami’s urban core is growing faster than other major cities.

Apartment rates usually range between $1200 & just over $2000 per month for a pricier location, but it’s all worth it, especially if you’re living close to the beach.

On the other hand, the Coconut Grove is a popular choice among expat families. It is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Miami, boasts great schooling options and plays host to many wonderful outdoor events and festivals. The apartment rates start at $1300.

Average Salary in Miami

Miamians make an average salary of $47,000 a year and the cost of living in Miami is around 32.5% above the national average. Hospitality, tourism, international banking and education are popular industries to find work, but typically expats tend to move to Miami for the relaxed lifestyle, weather and attractions.


The transportation costs in Miami vary dramatically when you're commuting compared to when you're driving your own car. A city bus ticket costs from $2.25 or for regular use, you can opt for a monthly bus pass for $112.50.

Having your own car can be more convenient, however be prepared for busy roads; unexpected traffic holdups are inevitable in the city.


Miami has slightly higher food costs than the national average. But if you enjoy cooking your own meals or not a fan of eating out, a $100 budget or less for home-cooked meals is enough for the whole week.

However, if you love to eat out you’ll have no shortage of amazing restaurants to choose from. Eating out can cost you anywhere between $50 - $100+ for 2 depending on your tastes.


Brits particularly love the sun in Miami that is at times shy in the UK. The city is subtropical which means summer here is hot and humid while winter is warmer than many other locations in the US. Hence, it is also busy with tourists even during the winter seasons.

Bilingual City

Having a large Hispanic population means you'll hear a lot of Spanish-speaking Miamians. This doesn't mean you can't live in the city without learning the language. But if you plan on staying in Miami for a long time, the chances are you'll probably learn a word or two.

Brimming with tourist attractions and major corporations, Miami - the Magic city is undoubtedly an exhilarating place for expats to visit or move into.

If you’re planning on moving to Miami, let our experts help you plan your move to the USA.

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