Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand is a large undertaking and we understand that it will give you plenty to think about. That is why it is important to choose an international removals company you can rely on to take care of the whole process of moving your belongings from start to finish.

The international removals team at Cadogan Tate has moved hundreds of customers’ belongings to New Zealand including a number of very valuable consignments. We have provided some important information below to help you with your planning – for more information and prices please request a quotation.

How long should you allow for shipping to New Zealand?

Eight to ten weeks should be allowed for the door-to-door delivery of a dedicated container and for shared containers or groupage, you will need to allow eleven to sixteen weeks door-to-door, depending on your final destination.

What can you take?

Understanding what to take with you and what to leave or put into store is an essential first step to planning your move to New Zealand.

As a guide you can import most household goods and personal effects free of duty and tax in a number of circumstances including; if you are first time migrant holding permanent residency status, you are a “work to residence“ visa holder, you hold a work permit for longer than 12 months or you are a New Zealander returning from an overseas absence of more than 21 months.

New Zealand Quarantine Inspections

The New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) is responsible for the inspections of international imports into New Zealand.

Most larger consignments of household effects will contain some items that require inspection by the MAF when shipping to New Zealand. These typically include outdoor items and sporting equipment that have come into contact with soil or vegetation, as well as furniture items such as rattan. These types of items may require treatment such as cleaning and fumigation.

New Zealand quarantine and inspection fees are charged by MAF based on the number of items inspected and these will be confirmed at destination.

Your Surveyor can confirm items that will be likely to require inspection and treatment, so that you can decide what to take and what will be best to leave behind when moving to New Zealand.

Taking a car or motor vehicle

You can import a car or motor vehicle into New Zealand duty-free provided you are a first-time immigrant with permanent residency status or you are returning New Zealander who has been overseas for more than 21 months. You will also need to have owned and used the vehicle for more than 12 months prior to handing it over for shipment or your departure to New Zealand - whichever is the earlier. Please be aware that if you sell or dispose of the vehicle within 2 years, the General Sales Tax (GST) that would have applied will be due on the vehicle.

For other migrants and returning New Zealanders who have been overseas for less than 21 months, GST is payable on a calculation of the vehicle’s purchase price, insurance and freight value known as the CIF value. If you are interested in car shipping to New Zealand, please request a quotation.

Taking pets

You can take your common household pets such as cats and dogs to New Zealand. It is a relatively straightforward process from the UK, but can be more complicated from other countries.

The international removals team at Cadogan Tate can organise moving your pet to New Zealand including giving you all the information you need to prepare your pet for move.

If you would like further information on taking your pet to New Zealand we recommend referring to the New Zealand MAF Biosecurity website.

Your next steps

It is reassuring to know that the Cadogan Tate International Removals team are experts in moving to New Zealand and can ensure everything goes smoothly, efficiently and with minimum fuss.

If you would like a quotation we will send round one of our surveyors to talk you through everything and answer any questions you may have. They will assess your belongings and put together an accurate quotation. Once you are happy we will draw up a plan of exactly what is going to happen, plan a convenient moving date and assign you a Move Co-ordinator, who will be there to support you at every stage of your move.

For further information, please email us at, or use the form below to submit your enquiry

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