Starbucks wake up and smells the potential in China

14th May 2012

Those moving to China have been given a boost with the news that coffee giant Starbucks is planning to increase its investment in the Asian country.

Starbucks is looking to take advantage of the country's increasing lust for the beverage by aiming to have 1,500 stores operational in China by 2015.

Should the American titan manage to reach the goal, it would mean that there would Starbucks stores in 70 Chinese cities, making it the company's second biggest market.

According to AFP, the company's Asia Pacific president, John Culver, told journalists: "We see opportunities for many, many more stores in China."

"The '1,500 stores by 2015' is just our statement goal. Beyond that we see opportunities to grow by making significant investments."

AFP also suggests that, according to data from Euromonitor, Starbucks' market share has been falling since 2005 thanks to competition at both ends of the market.


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