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Interior Designer Services

With offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and the Côte d’Azur, we provide designers working on the international stage with an unrivalled combination of experience, aesthetic appreciation, traditional skills and state of the art technology. 

With this support available, we believe that any designer can safely commit to include any quantity, type or scale of furniture or decorative objects in an interior anywhere in the world.  Their job is simply to imagine it: ours is to make it happen.

Every movement of every item is looked after by our dedicated Interior Designer Services project team and our uniquely experienced packing and moving crews.

We know that a reliable and efficient logistics partner is vital in maintaining your professional reputation. With Cadogan Tate, as always, everything is handled with care.

Making it easy

Worldwide Collections

Offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and the Côte d’Azur, combined with our global network of trusted partners, means Cadogan Tate covers the entire world. 

We work with you to arrange safe collection and transportation from diverse pick up points (however obscure these might be) to your designated fully managed storage facility or direct to your desired location. 

Fulfilment Services

Cadogan Tate gives you the freedom to view, choose and go. We can provide you with Buying Packs with which you can pick and choose what you want when visiting dealers, showrooms or auctions.

No paying up front when trawling around a Paris flea-market or a London antiques fair, or worrying how things will be collected. You transfer the funds for purchases to our agency account, we deal with all the purchasing paperwork and logistics for you. 

Handled with care


Whether you're moving a single item of furniture a few hundred metres, or relocating a collection to a palace half way around the world, reliable professional help is essential to ensure your consignment arrives in perfect condition and without hitches.

From paintings, ceramics and sculptures, to rugs, sofas, cabinets, beds and bespoke design pieces, Cadogan Tate offers reliable, efficient shipping with a gentle touch, so you can rest assured that your collections will make their trips safely.

Authorised Customs Agent

Our extensive experience has made Cadogan Tate an authority on the transport of specialist cultural artefacts from antiquities to historical militaria.

Cadogan Tate in London is an HMRC Approved and Audited Customs Agent, holding the necessary authorisations to ensure compliance with all import and export formalities. Our specialist team keeps abreast of all changes relating to international Customs regulations and legislation, and organises and keeps records of all import/export documentation for our clients, evidencing their full compliance with legal obligations.

Additionally, Cadogan Tate can advise on worldwide Customs regulations and procedures relating to consignments of this kind, and make sure that your shipment has all the necessary documentation. 

Complete Service

Consolidation Service

When the cost of shipping a consignment is of primary concern, our Consolidation Service lets you share shipping costs with other consignees, while still benefitting from our superb management and service quality.

Export Packing and Casing

We have a huge array of packing options available to us, including a wide range of packing cases. All our cases are ISPM15 compliant, but are bespoke to meet individual needs and requirements.

Our experts assess each piece according to several criteria, including its nature, condition and the planned mode of transport, before selecting the most appropriate packing solution and ensuring that the packed items are safe from environmental, manual or mechanical hazards. 




We provide comprehensive storage services at our facilities in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and the Cote d’Azur. When storing with us, you are assured of expert security and handling at every stage, and our facilities also link directly to our specialist Interior Designer Services shipping and distribution network, ensuring that your unique items remain in our close control at all times.

We provide viewing areas at each facility, enabling you to quality check your collection prior to its final packing and shipping.

Online Inventory iLIVE

Our custom designed iLIVE inventory management software offers you real-time visibility of all items in your collections from your laptop, tablet or smart phone. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of interior designers, dealers and collectors, providing details of the locations, quantities, values, images and physical condition of your stock. 

Affiliations & Accreditations

A host of leading industry organisations have approved Cadogan Tate's operations and storage facilities. We are members of, and meet the exacting standards demanded by most respected industry bodies.

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