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Gary Bramlett, Los Angeles

Gary Bramlett, Los Angeles

About me

Not originally a painter, Gary Bramlett got his start later in life after seeing a short documentary special feature on writer/director Clive Barker and his newfound career in painting that he took up at age 46. Never one to seek conventional forms for inspiration, this intrigued Gary and from there he dove right into creating paintings using various mediums and paints including acrylic, oil, water, gel glass and sand, blood and glue dots.

He is currently learning more about art history and artists themselves, but his early work is inspired much more by film and music than anything else. Many of his pieces can actually be attributed to the specific movie he was watching or album he was listening to while creating the pieces. The work often has an abstract look and feel to it, but the themes are always intentional and carry their back own stories-some of which are autobiographical.

Education: BA Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton


My artwork

“Ghosts Appear…”

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“These were the hands those gods were given”


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“The War They Made”


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