Relocating private art collection from Geneva to London

Using 9 vehicles and both standard and museum spec cases, we pack and successfully relocate a Russian client’s valuable private collection of paintings and sculpture from his Geneva home to his London residence.

What constitutes a serious private art collection? Well, one that is worth $300 million is certainly pretty serious and so the business of moving it safely from Geneva to London was a task that required the utmost care and attention to every single detail.

To begin with, two hundred and fifty pieces required a lot of vehicles.  Cadogan Tate mustered three specialist art trucks, six technical vehicles and a variety of standard and museum specification cases to carry out the job.

These were gathered together at the client’s lakeside villa and the careful packing process was begun. Art of all shapes and size and weight, from small canvases to large sculptures, were all delicately placed into cases over the course of four weeks.

Naturally the paperwork was almost as heavy as some of the sculptures, but Cadogan Tate took that on-board too as well as the complicated VAT dealings.

The works of art arrived safely at the client’s Hampstead residence and were unpacked and installed smoothly. Another example we think of how we practice the fine art of moving.

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