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Getting the Antique Roadshow on the road

We facilitated a 6 centre US-Wide Antiques Roadshow using two men and two trucks to collect and pack and transport ten artefacts from owners across a gift mile radius of each venue, install them at the Roadshow and then pack up and return them.

The Antique Roadshow is just as big a hit in the USA as it is the UK and the owners of the antiques involved are equally passionately attached to their items, whatever their value turns out to be.

But it’s a big country and so items at the show could be coming from anywhere up to a fifty miles radius away.  Which is quite a distance when the item is either fragile, heavy or big. Or, quite often, all three at once.

Cadogan Tate took up the challenge presented across six centres across the USA. Two men and a truck collected, packed and transported ten kinds of items from ten different homes to the show, installed them and later took them back to their home in perfect condition.

Using one of the Cadogan Tate fleet of air suspension vehicles, complete with satellite tracking and full security not to mention lots and lots of blankets, made the job run comfortably.

Vintage Cadogan Tate service.

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