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Best places to live in the USA - The Stars of the States Infographic

14th February 2017
Best places to live in the USA - The Stars of the States Infographic

If you're thinking about moving to the USA, you would be joining 758,919 British expats living in the USA today, but where is the best place to live? We've conducted thorough research on your behalf to collate all the important data in this infographic. We looked at lifestyle factors such as life expectancy, with Hawaii coming out on top with an average life expectancy of 81.3 years. But does that make it the best place in the USA to live? Another great indicator is unemployment rates. The great news is unemployment is on the decline in the USA, with an average drop of 1.5% over the last two years. The greatest drop occurred in Massachusetts with a 2.9% fall in unemployment.

We also looked at various business factors. Many expats who are thinking of moving to the USA are likely to establish a business. One of the most important criteria for scoring expat destinations is to look at the location’s startup sector health. Places with a good mix of quality of life, social opportunities and infrastructure tend to attract young entrepreneurs. Such startup hubs are usually a great place for expats to settle in. Surprisingly California with its world-famous Silicon Valley didn’t come out on top. Scroll down and check out the best places to live in the USA to find out where did.

Unfortunately, startup survival rates are not great, that's why we had to look at how established businesses and mega-corporations are faring in the USA. The long-term survival rate of businesses is largely dependent on a State’s local policy and the overall level of economic development. While surviving the first five years is a great milestone for any business, only a handful of established businesses will ever reach the dazzling heights of the Fortune 1000. Texas, California and New York are way ahead in terms of how many Fortune 1000 companies are resident in the state.

Best places to live in the USA methodology

We collated lifestyle data with business environment data and scored the USA states according to their overall performance. Ten states came out on top and although some of them might not be your first choice when moving to the USA, we can see why these places scored so high.

To top it off, we also looked at locations in the USA that can be considered art hotspots and property hotspots. The United States is home to some of the most sophisticated art museums in the world and houses some of the most famous works of art. From Leonardo da Vinci to Roy Lichtenstein, every artistic era and medium is represented in museums throughout the country. Of course, this data didn't influence the overall scores, however if you're after a cultural lifestyle, this section of the infographic is likely to impact your decision.

Best places to live in the USA
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