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Art Storage & Viewing

In London Cadogan Tate Fine Art is cleared by the National Security Advisor to store artworks from the UK National Collections at our Wimbledon Fine Art Storage facility. Comprehensive artwork storage is available through all our facilities featuring high security warehouses and collection management in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and the Côte d’Azur.

When storing with us, you are assured of expert security and art handling at every stage. Our facilities also link directly to our specialist art shipping and distribution network, ensuring that your consignment remains under our close control at every stage.

Flying colours on risk management

Safe and secure

In 2008 our facilities and processes underwent intense scrutiny by Global Risk Partners, acting for AXA Art as part of their GRASP risk assessment project. The GRASP system evaluates warehouse and museum facilities, which store and handle high value works of art, for their performance against a wide range of risk criteria.

Cadogan Tate met the GRASP critical operating standards, and is now recognised as a committed participant in the improvement of standards for the protection of art in storage and transit.

In managing the physical security of works of art, we employ structured risk management procedures to guarantee complete client confidentiality. We also provide on-going security awareness training for all staff, ensuring that procedures are constantly monitored and improved. 

Racked Managed Art Storage Area

Managed Storage Area

Our Managed Art Storage Areas are state-of-the-art, secure collection management facilities built to our exacting specifications and continuously monitored and equipped with intruder alarms, fire protection systems, movement detection and a controlled environment.

They are approved by leading international insurance companies, and meet the stringent requirements of the UK Government Indemnity Scheme and the Arts Council’s National Museum Security Adviser.

Staff working in our Managed Storage Areas with access to your valuable artworks have all undergone a full, 5 year background check, including CRB and credit checking. 

Racked Storage Areas

These Storage Areas are racked spaces designed for the artwork storage, antiques and interior design objects. They are equally highly specified but larger than our standard rooms, providing flexible racking arrangements.

Racked Storage Areas are particularly suited to the needs of collectors, interior designers and dealers consolidating items over a period of time prior to installation. 

Private Rooms

Customisable private fine art storage rooms, in a range of sizes, with temperature control if required.

Private Rooms

Private Room Storage is the most suitable storage option for clients requiring on-going management of, and access to, collections of paintings, sculptures or antiques.

We provide flexible, customised Private Room Storage facilities in a range of sizes. Receiving and handling are provided as standard. Online inventory reporting can also be provided if required.

Temperature Controlled Private Rooms

As an upgrade from our standard Private Rooms, we offer monitored Temperature Controlled Private Rooms for the storage of sensitive furniture, musical instruments, artworks and antiques. 


Online Inventory iLIVE

It is sometimes very difficult for owners to maintain control and visibility of multi-national art and antiques collections. Our network of collection management facilities, air and sea containers and vehicles overcome the physical problems of moving and assembling your artworks, objects or collections for you. iLIVE, our custom designed inventory management software, can provide you with real-time visibility of your assets via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

iLIVE is hosted on a secure webserver. Your information is encrypted and can only be accessed via your unique user name and password. It provides details of the locations, quantities, values images and physical condition of your assets. 

Viewing & Photographing

Full facilities for inspection and documentation of works in storage.

Viewing Facilities

Our collection management facilities at all locations offer dedicated, flexible viewing areas in which cases containing works of art or artefacts can be opened and contents examined, or removed and displayed for photography, viewing and condition reporting.

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