Art Installation

Whether installing antiquities in museums, gigantic frames in remote locations or unconventionally constituted works in contemporary gallery spaces, our art installation technicians rise to the challenge, balancing their passion and enthusiasm with the highest levels of professionalism.

Driven by the challenges of contemporary artists working with new materials, scales and approaches, we are continually advancing the engineering and procedural components of our art installation resource, ensuring our ability to locate even the most demanding works into the most difficult of locations.

Highly Experienced Technicians


We begin each art installation project with a detailed review of all relevant details, constraints and criteria. From this, we are able to produce a risk assessment, installation plan and condition report.

We give careful consideration to existing hanging fixings, atmospheric and environmental conditions, the effects of sunlight, health and safety issues and the display system which will be best suited for your art installation. 

We then document the state of the work of art or object at the start of the project and through its de-installation, using this documentation to re-install the object faithfully at its destination.

Handled with care

Our promise of ‘Everything, Handled With Care’ is never out of mind.


Our installation technicians have all undergone detailed and extensive training, enabling them to follow the art installation brief, adhere to our strict professional processes and maintain relentless attention to detail throughout.

Trained to carry out art installations in every kind of environment, we are able to make informed decisions as to the need for additional machinery, carry out risk assessments, and show professional appreciation for the venue in which we are working, and the timelines and deadlines associated with the installation.

We have a large inventory of mechanical handling and lifting equipment, some of which has been manufactured to meet our own precise specifications. 

Combined with the expertise and skill of our technicians, this allows us to install works of almost any size, weight, proportion, fragility or degree of complexity, safely and professionally in virtually any location.  

In practical terms, we are able to hang paintings ranging from miniatures to room height, and install 3D works from the smallest pot to those of true, monumental scale into private, civic or gallery spaces of any kind.

We are pleased to discuss and advise on fine art installations, and will then carry out any necessary research, and design and fabricate any specialist equipment or devise techniques required to complete the installation safely.

We are also able to supply and install security fittings as required.

Large yet still precious

A work may be large or heavy: its safety still demands meticulous care.

Monumental Pieces

We are trusted to handle statuary, sculpture, monoliths and other works with both physical scale and substantial weight, on behalf of galleries, private collectors and the world’s great museums. In many cases these pieces date to antiquity.

Handling and installing such works will frequently require the use of cranes, flat bed vehicles, bespoke cradles, cherry pickers and other vehicles and items of mechanical lifting apparatus. Where the use of this equipment calls for permits or permissions from civic authorities or private landowners, we will undertake all work involved in securing these, and ensure that skilled operators are on hand to control the apparatus under the direction of our Installation team.

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