Art Fair Service

Our Art Fair service is designed to meet the various needs of Fair organisers, exhibitors and buyers.

Our specialist Art Fair services team is highly experienced in the planning and co-ordination, transportation and Customs clearance of art involved in organising a Fair, as well as in the installation and de-installation of works of art and objects, and the arrangement of delivery to purchasers.

Art Fair Organisation

Art Fair Specialists

We work closely with organisers of Art Fairs, involving ourselves as early as we are able in the event’s planning.  Our experience makes us an invaluable partner in dealing with every aspect of a Fair’s organisation, no matter where it is to be staged or how many dealers and galleries will exhibit.

Our sophisticated logistics planning enables us to handle a Fair’s full logistics requirements for collecting works from dealers, processing them through customs, holding works in our secure storage facilities and dealing with all installation (and later de-installation) at the Fair site.

All work is carried out by our experienced, fully trained art technicians.

We can also provide a professional on-site service at the Fair for dealers and buyers, taking care of all arrangements required to pack, ship, deliver and install purchases anywhere in the world.

Showing at Fairs

Exhibiting at Art Fairs

Our Art Fair specialists are also pleased to assist dealers and galleries showing at Fairs anywhere in the world.

We are able to make all arrangements to gather, pack and ship your works to specific shows, and to handle delivery of sold items to buyers around the world. 

We can also manage your complete international Art Fair itinerary, installing and de-installing at each event, shipping your full show on to the next Fair at which you are to show, and managing and replenishing your inventory for you between or during Fairs as required.

Art Fair Service
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