The Cadogan Tate story is one of humble beginnings, hard work and a passionate commitment to treating each and every object we move or store with the utmost care and reverence.


Cadogan Tate begins life with a small office above a Covent Garden wine bar and a single van. It specialises in offering Fine Art Logistics to auction houses and antique dealers – particularly Christie’s, London.


Cadogan Tate acquires the well-heeled and exclusive residential moving company Trilogy. This acquisition includes a 30,000 square foot warehouse in West London.


After only three years, Cadogan Tate has expanded to include an entire fleet of vehicles and a professional team of art handlers. Cadogan Tate has established itself as a leading provider of Fine Art logistics services and high-end domestic residential removals.


Cadogan Tate’s reputation and business continue to grow exponentially, making it possible to commence worldwide Fine Art shipping and marking the company’s first instance of expansion beyond the UK.


Cadogan Tate wins the prestigious Corporation of Lloyds (a Lloyds of London Insurance) storage contract. This milestone victory leads the company to diversify its service offering and incorporate Storage Services and Office & Business Relocation services.


The tenth anniversary of going global is punctuated with yet another momentous event: the opening of a Cadogan Tate office and storage facility in New York City.


Cadogan Tate expands into Europe with the opening of it’s first location in France, conveniently located in the northern suburbs of Paris.


Cadogan Tate opens an office and storage facility on the Côte d’Azur to better serve a burgeoning London expat community. This development further enhances the company’s status as a global leader in safe & secure Fine Art shipping.


Twelve years after opening an office in New York City, Cadogan Tate establishes its first office and storage facility on the West Coast. Only a few years later this will be followed by an acquisition leading to a second Los Angeles office serving Hollywood and Interior Designer clientele.


U.S. expansion continues with the opening of the first Cadogan Tate facility in Miami, Florida.


Forty years after the company’s inception, Cadogan Tate’s name is written into the history books after being chosen to move the 44th President of the United States and the First Family out of the White House on inauguration day.


Cadogan Tate establishes itself in the U.S. midwest with a facility in Chicago, IL.


Cadogan Tate acquires the prestigious and acclaimed moving company Wetzel & Sons, located in Pacoima, California – expanding our reach and capabilities on the West Coast.


Cadogan Tate is now internationally recognized as a market leader, with full-service operations in London, Paris, the Côte d’Azur and the United States. Clients include royalty, presidents, government agencies, business magnates, blue chip corporations and celebrities.

The future, is, of course, still in development.

The only thing we can say with certainty is that it will include further expansion, success, and a continuing commitment to our philosophy:

“Everything, handled with care.”


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