Our Values

Our reputation as shippers and storers of works of fine art is built on providing exemplary service to collectors, galleries and museums around the world. This service is underpinned by five fundamental values which inform the way we look after these clients, as well as how we ensure the safe and efficient handling of their works. The values are not an attribute we have attached to our business: they are the cornerstone of our business.


As you should expect, our word is our bond. You can look to us to behave with fairness, honesty, courtesy and discretion in all of your dealings with us.


From the detail of our scheduling, to the handling of priceless works of art, our experience combines with the specialist training of our team to ensure faultless completion of every job.


We combine painstaking diligence with meticulous process to ensure each job entrusted to us is completed with total success and to your complete satisfaction.


Our attentive, professional and focused service ensures that you are relieved of all concern relating to the packing, transportation or storage of your possessions. Nothing is too much trouble.


We are committed to the introduction of new technologies and practices, both in our systems and procedures, in order to further enhance the services we offer.

Our Promise

Cadogan Tate is founded on a single-minded promise, guiding everything we do and setting us apart from our competition. This singular promise provides the essence of the way we run our business, the way we take care of your requirements as a customer and, of course, the way we look after those possessions you entrust to us.


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