Best Places for Expats to Live in Hong Kong

7th November 2018

The almost other-worldly culture and way of life has lured many expats to Hong Kong, and with good reason. However, it can be a little daunting to know which area of Hong Kong to move to. Below is our guide to a few of the hot-spots of the region.
Pok Fu Lam is one of the most popular choices as a starting point for expats moving to Hong Kong because of its location, being within easy reach of the Central district where many financial and large companies are based. The area of Pok Fu Lam is on the Western side of the Southern district and offers unrivalled views of the South China Sea as well as the ever-popular Cyberport complex of shops, cinemas, eateries and a hotel. Within Pok Fu Lam there is a wide range of accommodation available to expats; from beautiful colonial houses to more contemporary and modern high-rise apartment blocks.
Ideal for convenient access to the nearby University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam is known for its quiet and green living environment. Indirectly connected to Pok Fu Lam is the affluent residential area known simply as the Mid-Levels.
The Mid-Levels area has one of the highest average living costs, but residents are happy to pay a little more money because of the improved air quality that comes from living that little bit further up, away from the pollution of the city centre. Despite this, it is still within easy reach of the Central district (which is accessible by the world’s longest outdoor escalator), making it a popular area for expats with a slightly higher accommodation budget. It is also an ideal place to live for expats who like to spend time outdoors in their free time, with hiking trails up to the peak within easy reach.
Expats moving to the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong will be treated to lower pollution, easy access to Central and scenic hiking trails, but will need to pay out a little more for the privilege.
If you are looking for a more characterful way of life then you might want to consider living in Sheung Wan, which is located in the North-West of Hong Kong Island, situated between Central and Sai Ying Pun. Interestingly, Sheung Wan was one of the first British settlements in Hong Kong, giving it strong links to the old British empire. One of the very few drawbacks of living in Sheung Wan is the shortage of accommodation larger than one bedroom apartments, however these apartments are often in the beautiful and traditional Hong Kong style and sit perfectly next to boutique and old-established shops, cafes, open air food market stalls (‘dais pai dongs’) and traditional businesses.
Sheung Wan is not for those expats seeking the modern and contemporary way of life that many people think of when they consider moving to Hong Kong. However, for those looking for the traditional and more rustic way of live then Sheung Wan is certainly likely to appeal.
There are so many reasons to move to Hong Kong, from hiking trails to stunning scenery, a strong mix of traditional and modern and access to some of the world’s largest companies, universities and financial institutions. For more details on the logistics of moving to Hong Kong, click here.


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