Fine Art Storage - London, Paris, Nice, New York, LA

Through our offices and warehouses in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Nice, we offer full-service fine art storage. This includes expert security and art-handling at every stage, and a direct link to our specialist antique and artwork shipping and distribution network. High value items remain under our close control at every stage.

Fine art storage options

Fine Art Painting Storage
Sculpture & Antiques Storage
Fine Art Containerised Storage
Fine Art Private Room Storage

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Stock Reporting and Condition Reporting

Full stock and condition reports can be supplied upon request for any deliveries into store. This time-saving process means that any fault or damage is immediately reported. The object is then photographed and the pictures can be uploaded onto I-Live for viewing.

Inventory Live

The information in this section gives you an outline of I-Live's capabilities. For a more in-depth explanation, we recommend that you talk to one of our customer managers.

I-Live is a custom-designed software application for the management of online inventories. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of interior designers, galleries and collectors. It provides up-to-date visibility and control over stock and assets, quantity, value and locations.

Multi-national purchases can be difficult to control. However, our network of warehouses, truck lines, air and sea containers and distribution vehicles solves this problem. We can provide you with real-time details of the location and the physical condition of the asset, along with the projected arrival date if the piece is in transit. For items stored at our London warehouse, we can even track vibration, tilt and temperature if that is important to you.

The website is hosted on a secure server; all information is encrypted and can only be accessed via unique user names and passwords. Depending on how much involvement you want from us, we can offer 'read only' access to the site or access with editing facilities, within certain security guidelines.

The software can be modified to suit your exact requirements and can even store photographs - allowing you to hold images for each item in your inventory.

Private Rooms

Few companies providing secure storage in locations such as London, Paris, the Côte d'Azur, New York and Los Angeles offer the facility of managed private rooms. Cadogan Tate's storage rooms offer a secure facility to which no one else has access and where the customer can not only store goods but can also work on them if required.

A managed private room provides both flexibility and security. Customers can have instant access to their stored items. However, all access to the room (and, indeed, anywhere within the facility) is accompanied, to ensure the safety and security of all property. Cadogan Tate manages and controls the inventory and records and handles all movements in and out of the facility.

For high value items, a private room provides enhanced security with greater flexibility and peace of mind. In addition, climate control can be provided for the environmental protection of whatever you are storing - from contemporary artwork and fine art to precious antiques.

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